No, The Russia Thing Isn’t Going Away

For the last year, a constant refrain from Trump and his sycophantic supporters has been that the Mueller Investigation is a politically motivated “witch hunt” without any basis in reality. As the months have dragged on and with each new slew of indictments and plea deals, that refrain has become increasingly hysterical as the rhetoric from this administration and its defenders have become increasingly (and suspiciously) shrill. After all, if there’s nothing to to worry about, why complain at all?

They are, however, both complaining and very trapped. No matter what the president, his cronies, or his rowdy mob of gormless buffoons say or do, the fact of the matter remains that the “Russia thing” isn’t going anywhere. If either Trump or his sycophantic congressional baboons actually try to go after either Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, all bets are off, and we’ll be in a constitutional crisis that will undoubtedly spell the end of the Republic.

However, assuming that Republican politicians retain enough of an instinct of self preservation to avoid necessitating either the military from having to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, or inciting the People into evoking the Second Amendment and taking things into our own hands, there is only a matter of dealing with the ridiculous attacks on the Russia investigation.

When Trump’s cognitively challenged supporters demand evidence to prove Trump’s guilt, they merely demonstrate their typical pig ignorance of the most basic principles of American jurisprudence (not to mention practically everything else). It is simply a fact that all evidence recovered in the course of an active criminal investigation must be done so in absolute confidence, because releasing the evidence to the public could be seen as prejudicial and actually make the evidence inadmissible at trial.

So, no, Trump supporters, we don’t have any “hard evidence” to show you, but we can promise you that Mueller almost certainly does. How do we know this? It’s a very simple case, and I’ll spell it out (and I know I’m not the first).

1- The Indictments
If you know anything at all about the criminal justice process (and a quick Google search coupled with an IQ sufficiently above room temperature will get you started), you’ll know that the prosecutor (or, in this case, special counsel) doesn’t actually have any power to indict anyone. The very fact that there have been indictments indicates a grand jury has been convened, has seen evidence, has heard arguments, and has been convinced that there is more than enough evidence necessary to warrant criminal charges.

2- Those Indicted
Dozens of companies and individuals have been indicted, all of whom have significant connections to Donald Trump and his rat nest of cronies and foreign contacts. Russian companies, with connections to Putin’s government and to Trump, have been indicted. His campaign manager, his chief national security adviser, his foreign policy adviser, campaign aides, his personal lawyer, and even “the coffee boy” have all been indicted by various grand juries.

3- The Plea Deals
Michael Flynn (Trump’s National Security Adviser), George Papadopoulos (a member of Trump’s foreign policy advisory team in 2016), Rick Gates (Trump’s deputy campaign manager in 2016), Richard Pinedo (a man who illegally traded bank accounts with connections to Russia), Alex van der Zwaan (a Belgian lawyer with extensive connections to Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, as well as the Ukrainian government), and, most recently, Michael Cohen (Trump’s personal lawyer). All of these men are within one degree of separation of Trump. All committed crimes for which they made plea deals. All have turned states’ witness. All were involved in dealings with the Russians that Trump and his circus of idiots want us to believe he knew absolutely nothing about.

In conclusion, one thing is absolutely clear to me. Either Donald Trump must be the most incompetent political executive of all time or he is a traitor to his countrymen. In either case, no, Trump, the Russia thing is not going to go away. Let justice be done.

Liberty is For The Win!

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