If You’re Not Bothered, You Should Be

“Never in my life did I think that I’d like to see a dictator, but if there’s going to be one, I want it to be Trump.”
A Trump Supporter

The president looked right at a mob of news cameras and once again made the entirely fallacious claim that the child separation policy announced on April 6th, 2018 by his then Attorney General Jeff Sessions, months after Donald Trump took office as president, was somehow an Obama era policy.

Trump’s sycophantic enablers in the right wing media, like Fox News and Breitbart, then repeated Trump’s lie as fact, so the lie became “true” to millions of Trump’s ignorant supporters. To the tens of millions of Americans who want to believe what Trump is saying, the truth doesn’t matter.

The right isn’t alone in flagrantly not caring about the truth. Remember, Obama repeatedly promised his supporters that if people liked their doctors, they could keep their doctors under ObamaCare. He repeated this lie, over and over again, and no one in the left wing media called him on it.

If you don’t think that this matters, then you’re failing utterly to comprehend the magnitude of the situation. When the voting populace of a military, nuclear, and economic super power don’t care about the truth, exactly what sort political leaders do you expect to be chosen by them?

Donald Trump’s total disconnect from the truth isn’t the disease, it’s the drug resistant bacterial infected abscess that’s made possible by the disease. The disease is that Americans can’t be bothered with what the truth is, which makes them susceptible to charlatans like Obama and Trump.

Even leaders who know Trump is lying simply go along with it, because they know Trump’s ignorant voters will punish them for challenging him on the facts. We now have a rogue government in America, operating totally disconnected from the truth, without any checks on its power. That’s terrifying.

And when Trump is gone from power, will things get better? Probably not. Remember, Trump is the product of free elections. Tens of millions of ignorant, hopelessly self-righteous Americans still think Trump’s some sort of divine messiah here to deliver America from the evils of geopolitics.

Trump was elected because he offered his brand of smash mouth, bigoted, nationalist rhetoric, and tens of millions Americans bought it. If you live in any country that depends on the United States being an stable ally against malignant Asian regimes, then I’d view the future with real trepidation.

The political climate is incredibly unlikely to get any better in America, because the open bigotry on display in the Republican Party spurs the radical socialist progressive bigotry within the Democratic Party, which then triggers the white nationalist rabble in the GOP, creating an unending spiral of dumb.

Both sides of the American cultural divide are absolutely convinced of their own intellectual degeneracy, and they lack the brains or the emotional fortitude to engage in any kind of self reflection. This kind of lowest common denominator feedback loop is how countless societies have collapsed.

Liberty is For The Win!


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