3 Take Aways From the Mueller Report

“Fourth, if we had confidence … that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment.”
– The Mueller Report

The long awaited Mueller Report has come out, and the implications of both the report itself and the Attorney General’s one man disinformation campaign that preceded it are both clear and absolutely damning. It’s obvious that America is in the grips of a rogue government that believes itself utterly exempt from truth and justice.

First, it is absolutely clear that the guiding precedent of the Justice Department not issuing indictments against a sitting president was absolutely the only reason Mueller’s team decided not to pursue criminal charges against Donald J. Trump and his corrupt cabal, leaving it explicitly to Congress to rectify (Mueller Report, Volume II, p. 2).

Were it not for this legal precedent established in the aftermath of the unsuccessful Clinton impeachment, Mueller’s team clearly would have issued numerous indictments of obstruction of justice against Donald J. Trump. Instead, Mueller and his team left the issue up to Congress, repeatedly citing Richard Nixon as precedent.

Second, it is crucial to understand that Attorney General William Barr willfully and repeatedly lied to the American People about the findings of the Mueller Investigation strictly in order to protect the president, as he did not reveal that Mueller and his team had explicitly stated that they were leaving it to Congress to decide the issue.

Barr went so far as to try to imply that he, not Congress, had ultimate prosecutorial authority over the case, falsely implying in his dishonest summary that Mueller’s team had left the prosecutorial decision up to him and his assistant and that they had deemed the case against Trump to be not worth pursuing. This was completely untrue.

Third, and most distressing of all, absolutely everyone involved in the Republican Party, from the president himself, his corrupt Attorney General, his entire cabinet of thieves, every Republican in Congress, and every Trump supporting voter in the United States won’t care in the least about any of this and will act as though Trump is innocent.

We unfortunately cannot count on the Democrats to begin the impeachment process, both because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is clearly more interested in dealing a coup de grace on the Republican Party, rather than the rule of law, and the Senate is still in the hands of the corrupt corporate tools of the Republican Party.

To be completely fair to Nancy, she has history on her side if we remember the lesson of Richard Nixon. The last thing Pelosi wants is for Trump to step down from office only to have Mike Pence grant Trump and his cronies full presidential pardons. No, Nancy wants to the Republican Party to have Trump’s degeneracy tied to them forever.

The Democrats will surely be using the Mueller Report throughout 2020 and all the way to the White House. Their plan is clearly to put the Republican Party on trial at the same time Donald Trump faces criminal charges in court, while a Democrat sits in the White House reminding Americans daily that Republicans supported Trump.

Thanks to ignorant nationalist idiocy that has since overrun the Republican Party, this will be the entirely unnecessary death of the only effective political opposition party to the increasingly socialist Democratic Party in the United States.

Liberty is For The Win!


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