Who Wants to Rule the World?

In the late 1930’s, as the waning light of peace flickered across Europe, the political elite anxiously watched the dark specter of ethnic nationalism come to full bloom in Germany. Having seized absolute power through a political campaign of populist propaganda and Machiavellian double crosses, all those who could politically rival Hitler were already dead, in concentration camps, or had fled for their lives. As far as the old guard of Europe was concerned, Germany had become a void beyond the reach of the influence of traditional politics of Europe and America. The drumbeat of ethno-fascist rhetoric coming from Berlin left the entrenched wealth of the West with only one choice, but they ignored it.

Knowing full well the destructive threat another war posed to their power and station, the European elite pushed for a last second deal with the devil. Undermining the sensible voices of Édouard Daladier, then Prime Minister of France, and Winston Churchill, who the elite had forced into political exile, both of whom recognized the futility of such gestures of peace, the puppet masters sent their puppet, Neville Chamberlain to Berlin. He returned, championing “peace in our time“, September 30th, 1938. That peace held for all of 11 months, when, on September 1st, 1939, the German Wehrmacht marched into Poland, setting the first fires of what had long been an inevitable conflagration of war. A war Hitler had political cover for almost an entire year to prepare, because of the concerted efforts of the elite.

With the blood of Polish patriots staining the fields and forests of their homeland, the governments of England and France, left with no choice but to declare war on Germany, did so on September 3rd, 1939. However, because of their cowardice and indecision, the western powers simply weren’t prepared to actually engage the German war machine, and the two nations provided no substantial aid to Poland, leaving the nation to fight a two front war between Germany and the Soviet Union. On October 6th, 1939, the last Polish intact army unit surrendered to the Soviet Union’s armies in the east, but the bloodshed of Second World War was only just beginning.

Yes, much of the blame for the Second World War bloodies the hands of a malevolent, psychopathic dictator, but the slow response of the western allies to the obvious and growing German threat rests at the feet of a political and financial establishment who thought their political influence and financial power entitled them to rule and who valued their fortunes more than the lives of their countrymen.

Everybody wants to rule the world.
-Tears for Fears

A primal truth is proven out by all the blood, war, suffering, and betrayal that has come before: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. History is replete with ominous warnings about power and humanity’s eternal struggle with its own political gullibility that reinforce this truism again and again. This is why those who have power should never be fully trusted, and, if nobody else, Americans, especially given our nation’s historical heritage, should have learned this lesson through our history, but we have not.

It is exactly this lesson has become lost in America to the point that many Americans vehemently attack their own countrymen for “failing” to offer our unquestioning support of the President of the United States. No, they are not the first to have done this, because there were many on the radical left that demanded the same of us just a few years ago. It is disconcerting that those who most certainly took issue with the far left’s accusations of insufficient patriotic zeal just a few years ago now so comfortably take to the role of “patriotism police“.

And who would they have us bend our knee to? A wealthy, corrupt, contemptible wastrel of man whose constant complaint about his political position is that he does not have unchecked political authority, and people working within the apparatus of government don’t have to do what he says? He clearly does not understand that this very dysfunction of government is called “political independence” and exists by design, a necessity of protecting the government of the people, not of the president, from the undue political power of a single individual. Worse, his supporters, who claim to be conservatives, clearly also do not grasp this.

America is at an impasse, the path forward blocked by peasant minded partisans who betray our American heritage by calling our common right of dissent and Liberty impiety within their state religion. The mobs of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party seek to force another binary choice upon America of their two tyrannical visions. The Democrats seek to rule us in their “progressive” utopia, and the Republicans seek to rule us in their “nationalist” blood and soil cult. I will not be ruled by either. In my America, only Liberty wears a crown. Long may she reign.



Liberty is For The Win!

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