Take Them At Their Word

The parallels between the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and rise of Trumpism are as inescapable as they are numerous, and if you love Liberty at all, you’ll read to this to the end. Take note, the Nationalist movement in Germany began in the aftermath of World War I. With the economy of Germany in the throws of a deep recession, a result of a money crunch that would soon spread to the United States through the international banking systems and, more directly, the crushing terms of the Germany’s surrender at the end of World War I, burying the nation in catastrophic debt.

With mobs of radicalized communists fomenting violence across Germany, nationalist militias, like the Nazi Party’s “Brownshirts“, formed to counter the violent Marxist revolutionaries. Germany became irrecoverably divided among political factions who refused to reconcile with one another, each digging into an all in game of political chicken with the other political factions. It was in this political free for all that Adolf Hitler entered, taking the fringe German Worker’s Party, and fueling it with blind hatred, bigotry, and his own own brand of nationalistic charisma.

After just a decade of Hitler’s fanatical nationalism, he took a tiny party of unhinged, race obsessed, paranoiacs numbering literally a few dozen members to a party controlling almost 40% of Germany’s parliament, on promises of “Freedom and Bread“, “One people, one country, one leader!“, and “The German always before the foreigner and the Jews!“. Just a decade later, the bloodbath that would claim the lives of over 50 million people (low estimate) became the inevitable result of Hitler’s blind insanity.

Fast forward almost a century, and Trump’s “Make America Great Again“, “I’m with You“, “America First“, and “Build A Wall” echoes all of the nationalist populist themes that fueled Hitler’s rise to power as well.

“Blood mixture and the result drop in the racial level is the sole cause of the dying out of old cultures; for men do not perish as a result of lost wars, but by the loss of that force of resistance which is continued only in pure blood.”
-Adolf Hitler-

Three things must be fundamentally understood about Trump, Trumpism, and the people of the movement. First, Donald Trump fundamentally believes he is literally an Übermensch (“super man“), both in the fact that he believes that his family is somehow superior to other people, and that “Americans” (AKA: whites) are “necessarily” superior to all other nations (AKA: races). His unquestioning and unashamed belief in his own superiority infects those who believe in their own.

“[M]y uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes…”
-Donald Trump-

Second, those directly around him believe enough in his cult of superiority to attest to it publicly, without shame or hesitation. From the parade of Trump apparatchiks throwing themselves on their own political swords to protect his presidency, to the spectacle of his cabinet groveling while literally thanking God for the privilege of working for him, the blind and desperate loyalty of his inner circle keeps the flame of his cult of personal invincibility burning brightly for his base. Many unashamedly equated Trump with God, in their political rhetoric.

“He’s got perfect genes. He’s got incredible energy, and he’s unbelievable healthy.”
-Steve Mnuchin-

“In Trump We Trust.”
-Ann Coulter-

Third, there are millions of Americans who believe so fervently in Trump’s superiority that they continue to argue that Trump’s presidency is literally the hand of God’s providence, despite his obvious failures to deliver on the “great deals” that “only he could make“. They believe this, because, core to Trumpism itself, is the presupposition that Trump’s personal “superiority” confirms the fundamentally evil and grotesquely un-American conclusion that “western civilization” (AKA: “white people“, necessarily implied by “some genes are necessarily better than others“) is inseparable from white nationalism.

Don’t for a moment take my word for this. Take theirs.

Irishman MexicoIrishman Western Civ

Jason CivilizationJason WhiteGenocideMiss Mother Russia Mexico

Aki Western CivChristiana Western Civ

Just replace the words “Azteca” or all references to Mexico with “Jew“, and these paranoiac White Nationalists are note for note regurgitating exactly the same poisonous philosophical ideas of Hitler’s Nazis less than a century ago. They make the “white race” into a victim of “evil” foreign actors. They parse the conflict in terms of “genocide” in order to justify their radical policies. They raise up “white identity” and culture as “necessary” to the continuance of the principles of freedom and equality that they openly disregard.

Trump’s supporters truly believe non-whites are incapable of pursuing the highest ideals of classical liberalism (moral equality, individual liberty, and limited government). More frightening, millions of people agree with them to the point of ignoring such obvious racist ideology publicly espoused thousands of times every single day right in front of their eyes. Take Trump supporters at their word that Trumpism necessarily assumes White Nationalism, because it does.

When these racist maniacs say they believe the white race is superior, and the world would collapse without them, why on earth would you doubt they mean it? Stop doubting. They mean it.

Never Again.


Liberty is For The Win!

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