No Tolerance: GrabGate

Integrity matters. Honor matters. Principle matters. When the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, along with their very lives, they put at stake their sacred honor, something that our society sorely lacks, worst of all being in today’s political circus. The lack of civility and outrageous dishonorable behavior on display has reached an unconscionable peak, so much that it cannot be allowed to continue.

Outside of emergency situations, no one has the authority to place their hands on another individual. Worse, in our civil American culture, outside of self defense, it is barbaric to aggressively touch a woman without her permission. These are values we teach children at the very youngest ages, and yet the so called “GrabGate” situation demonstrates just how badly these core civil values have disintegrated in America.

While every action of almost every candidate and their staffers is analyzed, scrutinized, and parsed in the main stream media meat market, only one candidate and his staff are consistently given a pass for their egregious statements and actions. After a Trump press mixer, an altercation involving reporter Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, occurred.

While Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump and his legion of supporters have denied the incident ever happened, they took it one step further, insulting Michelle Fields both personally and professionally. This crass and dishonorable display is what cannot be allowed to pass and will not be condoned.

While this is now a matter of a criminal complaint, using video provided by Townhall Media, it is possible to review media coverage of the event as Michelle described and visibly verify what happened, despite the view being obscured.

Here is Michelle Field’s description of the event:

“Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.”

Does the video confirm her statements? In the first shot, Michelle Fields is visible on the far side of Donald Trump from the camera. Corey Lewandowski is partially visible behind the Secret Service agent facing the camera. He is clearly looking at and reaching for Michelle’s arm.


In the video, Corey is seen looking away just before he misses Michelle Field’s arm, his hand swiping at her sleeve. In this next shot, Corey shifts sideways toward Michelle, and reaches toward her again. Notice, Corey is no longer behind the Secret Service agent, having stepped at least three feet away and to the left of the camera.


From a different camera angle, Michelle Fields is on the far side of Donald Trump, standing beside him, but her arm is behind her now, toward the grip of Corey’s hand. His shoulder is visible in the lower right hand corner. He obviously has a hold of her arm.


Michelle’s forward movement is totally halted in the next shot, now she is visibly behind Trump. Note the level of her head in relation to the people in the background and to the photographer in the foreground. Most of her face is visible in this shot, and Corey’s shoulder is clearly visible in the lower right corner.


In this shot, Michelle’s head is visibly lower, as is her shoulder, as Corey yanked her arm down and back. Corey pulled her behind him, so that he is between her and Trump (off camera). Just before she is off camera (visible in the video) she turns to look at Corey, who is tightening his grip.


Corey Lewandowski has the audacity to say “Thank you,” to Michelle. The next day, Michelle posted this photo of the finger shaped bruising on her arm.


While it was clearly out of line, the reaction of the Trump campaign to this incident demonstrates an utter lack of integrity in the face of such a public altercation. It has also become the norm for how the Trump campaign and his supporters treat any issue that could cast a negative light on the campaign: deny and defame.

No, not this time. Injuring a woman used to be frowned upon in civil society. In some parts of this country, at least, it still is. Liberty is For the Win calls for the immediate dismissal of Corey Lewandowski from the Trump campaign.

Note – Michelle Fields’s account was verified by Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, who witnessed the altercation as he was standing next to Michelle Fields when Corey Lewandowski accosted her.

Editor’s note – Conclusive video from CNN.

Update 03/29/2016- Jupiter, Florida police filed formal charges of battery against Corey Lewandowski. Included in linked article is security footage of Corey Lewandowski grabbing Michelle Field’s and pulling her away from Trump.


Liberty is For The Win!

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