Rational Liberalism: Self-Evident Truths

This principle that rights are derived from a superlative moral authority is necessary to the entire idea of rights preexisting a constitution or a nation state to begin with.

The Dangers of a More Perfect Union

We must always be on guard against the 3 greatest threats of "a more perfect Union": Bigotry, Utopianism, and Absolutism.

Marxist America

In a country once founded upon Locke's "Life. Liberty. Property.", we've become a nation shockingly comfortable with policy that is rooted in "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Winning the Life Argument

Unfortunately for the abortionist, direct rights, such as the woman's right to her own body, are not the only component of Natural Law.

Merry Christmas 2016

On this day, our King was born, not to punish us for our rebellion, not to enslave us to a divine tyranny, but to set us free.

A Short Word: Have a True Independence Day

Each and every individual must decide whether they are a free person, "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights", or if they are a subject of the government of the United States.

No Tolerance: GrabGate

While every action of almost every candidate and their staffers is analyzed, scrutinized, and parsed in the main stream media meat market, only one candidate and his staff are consistently given a pass for their egregious statements and actions.

Liberty 101: Rule of Law

Societies have organized themselves into rigid caste systems, where a select few possessed all power and all rights, and the populace possessed little power and few, if any, rights.

Liberty 101: Property

So far, these abuses of "eminent domain" have benefited no one except trial lawyers who specialize in evicting widows from their homes.

Liberty 101: Life.

Without the Right to Life, no other right or liberty even exists.

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