Trump’s Shutdown Ends Where It Began

I am proud to shutdown the government for border security, Chuck!
– Donald Trump

After promising on January 4th, 2019 that he was willing to let the shutdown continue for “months or years” to get funding for his border wall, he folded after 35 days. I did the math, and 35 days does not actually constitute “months or years“.

And what is this “tremendous dealDonald Trump put America through another ludicrous shutdown crisis for? It’s the same deal, almost word for word, the Democrats sent him a few weeks ago, without a single penny for border funding.

Nancy Pelosi has given Trump another painful lesson in national politics and again demonstrated for the entire world to see, even after two full years in office, Donald Trump is still a featherweight political novice desperately out of his league.

Seriously, remember when Trump tried this shutdown nonsense in 2018? That time the shutdown standoff lasted all of 3 days before Trump folded. So this puts Donald Trump at a pathetic 0-2 record against Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

The worst thing about this sad debacle is Trump predicted his own defeat. When Nancy Pelosi challenged him to push his wall funding through the then Republican controlled Congress, Trump said he couldn’t get the 60 votes he needed in the Senate.

Only Donald Trump could look at the 2019 Congress, knowing there was an incoming Democratic majority in the House and that he still did not have 60 votes in the Senate, and start a political showdown with the Democrats he couldn’t win anyway.

There is a whole segment of the population (AKA: Trump’s brain dead cult) that thinks Trump is some kind of deal making super hero, and, get this, they still do. That is really the most frustrating thing about this entire fiasco. Nothing’s changed.

So Trump has once again beclowned himself on the national (and international) stage, and it’s clear by now that the man is a bumbling fool, incapable of learning, let alone leading. To whom can conservatives tired of Trump’s bumbling idiocy turn?

Let’s look at the bigger picture a moment. If the conspiracy accusations against Trump bear out, what credibility will the Republican Party that put him into office, supported him through every scandal, and backed this failed showdown have left?

Enough to stand against the Democratic Party? If this, the latest in a long series of political embarrassments, is not enough to pull the cord on this presidency, what is? What will it take to call this presidency finally beyond salvageable?

How much damage to the credibility of the political right, not just the Republican Party, will Trump’s supporters and his cowardly enablers tolerate? Is Donald Trump really worth torching right wing political viability for decades to come?

Pull the plug!

Liberty is For The Win! 

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