It is Foretold: 2019 Predictions

Since Republicans retained control of the Senate, confirmation of Trump’s Senate posts isn’t a problem. The problem is finding qualified people willing to get on board a political ship already taking on water and so dysfunctional that it’s already ground up and spat out General Michael Flynn, General H. R. McMaster, General John Kelly, and General James Mattis. If these men couldn’t hack it, who can? The correct answer is nobody.

This is a no brainer. The Democrats are going to make life for anyone with the last name Trump (past or present) a living hell. This will also apply to anyone (past or present) within arm’s reach of said Trumps. If you thought the endless Benghazi Hearings were tiresome, well, buckle your seat belts. We are going to be up close and personal with every Trump wart and wrinkle. Even if Trump isn’t impeached, he’ll wish he was.

Newsflash, Trump isn’t going to get the funding for his wall. He’s forced to cater to his ignorant base on this, because, if he goes to his constituents without a wall, they may actually kill him. So now he’s going to act like a petulant child until he gets it. Spoilers, he’s not going to get his wall without some kind of incredible concession on DACA or immigration policy in general, and he can’t give on that, either. The GOP will blink first.

While there’s a lot of downplaying the yield-curve inversion, the real tell is the Federal Reserve laying off of raising the federal funds rate, now at 2008 recession levels. The nervousness about rising interest rates stems from the fact that many companies are overleveraged. Does the strong jobs numbers from December alleviate this at all? Not really. Overleveraged companies, by definition, have misread their financial situations.

The end of the road is coming. Trump’s administration will not survive 2019. When it happens, be prepared for the most exquisite idiocy in American history. In the past, Americans have gone to war over high ideals and noble (and ignoble) missions. We will see very poorly educated and fanatically unbalanced men and women take up arms in defense of a serial philanderer, compulsive liar, and foul traitor to our nation.

The end of Trump will see the rise of a socialist caucus unopposed by a cohesive, let alone credible, right wing political party. The Republican Party will end this episode largely discredited, even if it retains enough political influence to hold on to numerical advantage in the Senate. The Republican Party will enter 2020 irrevocably broken philosophically, and there isn’t presently a national political party to fill the void.

Happy New Year.

Liberty is For The Win!




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