The Chinese Misconnection

Just days after Donald Trump claimed to have successfully defused a trade war with China, a trade war that he himself started, the Dow lost over 1,500 points. Why did the stock market get rocked so hard by a serious deescalation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing? It’s actually quite simple and should surprise nobody.

Our lying liar-in-chief lied. As it turns out, Trump’s claim that he had artfully negotiated a deal with Xi Jinping came as a surprise to everyone, but especially to Xi, who, as it turns out, offered absolutely no concessions at all other than to consider delaying further escalation of the trade war until the beginning of the year.

If we’re to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, we’ll have to believe that he managed to confuse Xi Jinping‘s polite dismissal of his ham-fisted dinner negotiation for some sort of agreement, but that only means that Donald Trump is just an incompetent moron rather than simply a compulsively dishonest narcissist who sees us as idiots.

Both disqualify the man from deserving respect from anyone, least of all Xi Jinping, who must think Trump a blundering fool of epic proportions. As it turns out, however, Donald Trump is both an incompetent moron and a compulsively dishonest narcissist who sees us as idiots, which should anger and terrify all of us.

In 2016, I wrote an article outlining how Trump fundamentally misunderstands both the Chinese culture and, more importantly, its political leadership. Trump is demonstrably incapable of understanding that Xi Jinping and his totalitarian government are totally immune to the popular dissent, because they kill dissidents over there.

Chairman Xi Jinping couldn’t care less about any trade war. Trump is just another American politician desperate to appear tough on the foreign stage to appease his voters. Xi knows for an absolute fact that he will be in power long after Trump’s presidency is over, so he has no reason to make any concessions.

This is Trump’s Achilles’ heel, and always has been. His only real negotiating experience has been with people who were either already convinced or couldn’t negotiate. Every time Trump’s come against serious competition, he invariably came out on the short end, which is why banks now effectively own most of his properties.

Trump sees himself as some kind of master cutthroat, because he’s deluded himself into believing he’s “beaten” his rivals and constantly gloats about how badly his rivals are doing after he beat them (in his deranged mind). Xi Jinping doesn’t gloat about his rivals, because all of Xi Jinping’s rivals are dead.

Truth is Donald Trump wouldn’t last a week in the (literal) dog eat dog world of Chinese politics, because men like Trump are easy targets. Trump’s habit of overpromising and underdelivering is what caused him to lose majority stakes in most of his company’s holdings, and it’s why men like Xi can so easily make a fool of him.

When Trump sat down across the table from Xi Jinping, he mistakenly believed that it was an opportunity to do business. Xi let him believe it. Why? Because Xi Jinping is ruthless on a whole other level that neither Donald Trump nor his entire cabinet of fools seem to understand. Don’t believe me?

Consider this. Kim Jong Un reportedly fed his uncle to dogs, murdered his own brother, and executed a general with anti-aircraft guns for falling asleep during a meeting. Now realize that Kim Jong Un is Xi Jinping‘s pet. Trump is desperately outmatched by Chairman Xi Jinping, and Xi knows it.

Anyone on Wall Street that isn’t also a damned fool must surely know it by now.

Liberty is For The Win!

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