Bought with Blood

On rocky hillsides, over furrowed fields, on grassy plains, and down sandy shores, flows the blood of patriots, brave and unsung. There is no retreat, no surrender for them. The clamor of battle has claimed their all. For them remains only the still repose of time. Theirs is a sacrifice their country cannot repay, save in ever striving to be worthy of what was purchased in full measure. Let not a single precious drop go to waste, saved only for the tree of Liberty.

Today is Memorial Day.

It is not a day to thank those who served nor those who are now serving. This day is to remember those who can no longer be thanked. To the brothers, sons, and husbands, the sisters, daughters, and wives, who have become part of the tapestry of man’s insatiable thirst for the blood of their fellow man. This day is for those that can no longer turn to face the flag of the free and the brave.

With special reverence, please take a moment to remember those whose bravery no less paid for this day and every day hereafter, who, in defense of freedom, gave even their names, leaving behind families that hoped in vain. Interred on foreign hills, rough and unmarked graves, and the depths of the vast sea, remember them, for it is all that they have left.

Remember those who are missing in action, and hope against hope that they will yet find their way home, to the families and a nation that yearn for their return.

Happy Memorial Day, America.


Liberty is For The Win!

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