Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

We have seen in America a huge shift in the basic fabric of political speech, and that’s been for too many people to shove cotton into their ears and scream as loud as they can at their opposition as if the right to freedom of thought or conscience no longer exists. It has been more than a little troubling when the utopian Progressives did it. It is a serious threat to the future of the republic now that the authoritarian Nationalists are doing it, too. No, seriously, please hear me out. If this trend continues, we are looking at the end of the republic.

For the last thirty to forty years, the Progressives have been disinterested in listening to the arguments of anyone that disagreed with them. In the last twenty years, the last two generations of collectivist Progressives have become openly hostile to any opinion that failed to conform to their myopic world view. This fascist extremism of the far left took over the Democratic Party, as people like Michael Moore, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Howard Dean became the mainstream voices of the Democratic Party.

These outspoken leftists not only committed themselves to this broad based ad hominem (personal attack against the arguer, rather than the argument) attack on anyone that disagreed with their extreme Progressive ideology, labeling anyone that disagreed with them as evil bigots and racists, they made it culturally acceptable to use such hyperbolic attacks against any political opponents. Through their concerted efforts, through media cabals and long standing relationships with political figures in their movement, they have made civil discussion not only unpopular but practically impossible.

If millions of people are going to be called bigots or racists no matter what they do, some percentage of them are going to decide that it’s better to do the crime that the Progressives are penalizing them for, embracing the label, rather than continue to try to fight it. The white nationalists, who had been relegated to the fringes of political discourse since the 1970’s, suddenly found themselves relevant again, resurgent in the face of the demonstrable failures of multiculturalism. In essence, the Progressives have enabled the very monster that they thought they were fighting for the last fifty years, and they’ve no way to deal with it.

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”
-Oscar Wilde-

While this seems like a huge opportunity for Conservatives, there are simply too few issues that authoritarian Nationalists and traditional Conservatives have in common. Worse still, these new Nationalists are openly hostile to core principles of Conservatism, such as unfettered capitalism, free international trade, and the fundamental moral equality of all men and women, regardless of creed, race, or gender. There are simply no bridges that can span these ideological divides, and the Nationalists simply aren’t interested in hearing our ideas in the first place. With their newfound political ascendancy, the Nationalists have adopted the same shrieking intolerance of dissent that spawned them.

Let’s be absolutely clear, so that there is no confusion. The Nationalist ideology is every bit a Leftist ideology as the Marxist or the Fascist ideologies they stand against. All of the ideologies depend on the same strong central state authority to achieve their economic and political ends. Protectionism, a cornerstone of Nationalism, itself depends on a strong national government to monitor and restrict trade. Nationalism is also as necessarily intolerant of dissent, except dissenters aren’t simply labeled as “bad people“, as Progressives are fond of doing, but as outright “enemies of the state“, a label that has a history of far more serious consequences.

As Conservatives, we now find ourselves engaged in a two front war of ideas against Progressives and Nationalists, in a high stakes, winner take all game of political brinkmanship. We have to be on deck and on message. Unfortunately, confusion and misunderstanding of our political ideology has brought us to this point, but there is a silver lining to these political developments. Our vocal opposition to authoritarian Nationalism and blind Traditionalism is our ticket to finding much needed common cause with the Left, which will at least buy their ear for a moment.

In this very brief moment, we have a chance to give voice to classical liberalism that is at the heart of true Conservatism. For the sake of the republic and of the cause of Liberty, we cannot waste this opportunity.

“You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”
-Oscar Wilde-

There is no room for error. Though relatively small in number, Conservatives have the philosophical high ground but have a very narrow window of opportunity. You, patriot, must know who you are and what you stand for. The entire purpose of is to provide ideological ammunition and guidance necessary to those engaged in the Culture War. It is not only a resource but a weapon of knowledge against the falsehoods of Progressives and Nationalists. Now, more than ever, your support is not only necessary, it is the only way to insure that the message of Liberty reaches a nation clearly starving for it.

With your $1.00 a month, seriously, it’s just $1.00 a MONTH donation, you will not only let me know that this message matters to you more than a cup of coffee, you’ll help to pay for promotion of this message on social media platforms, which will extend our front lines across the American political battlegrounds. It doesn’t happen without your help. How much is the fight for Liberty worth to you? If it’s really less than $1.00 a month, then how serious are you about winning the Culture War?

I leave it in your hands, patriots. Are you in?


Liberty is For The Win!

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