Some Good News. Some Bad News.

The good news is that Hillary Clinton lost, and America is spared the sort of shrieking political thuggery of her and her ennobled left wing thugs intent on changing the United States into a utopian workers’ paradise. The bad news is that Donald Trump won, and America is set on the path of shrieking political thuggery of him and his ennobled left wing thugs intent on changing the United States into a utopian white workers’s paradise. And the real horror will be that nobody anywhere has any real idea what Donald Trump will do in the next four years, because everything hinges on him: first, surrounding himself with good people and, second, actually listening to them.

Donald Trump is not as much a “deal maker” as much as he is a “deal breaker” for many Americans. As of the writing of this article, according to the International Business Times, Donald Trump has 47.5% of the popular vote (Hillary Clinton had 47.6% of the popular vote), meaning that 52.5% of Americans voted for someone else, including 4.9% that voted for a third party candidate. Hillary Clinton failed to get the DNC base out, with 7 million fewer voting this year than voted for Barack Obama in 2012, whereas Donald Trump lost between 2 and 3 million from the number of voters that stood with McCain in 2008.

So Donald Trump’s victory was not based on large turnout by the Republican base, it was based on large turn out by the angry white middle class Democrat base, who would otherwise of voted for a Democratic candidate and probably will go back to the Democrats should Donald Trump fail to deliver on core promises to this very fickle constituency. This isn’t a mandate, exactly. It’s an angry and scared minority that chose to look past the dangerous elements supporting Donald Trump, and bought into his “strong leadership” over “experience” message, which is an unsettling indication of what is to come.

That said, not everything Donald Trump has proposed is bad. Some of it, such as lowering the corporate tax rates, is actually good for America, creating a necessarily better growth environment for companies in the United States overall. Getting rid of ObamaCare will also go a long way to unchaining economic growth. But while his positions on foreign trade are sympathetic to the American worker, this requires that the Republican Party as the party of capitalism, free trade, moral equality, small government, and property rights is over. Nationalist authoritarianism is the ideology that will drive the rotting corpse of the Party of Lincoln.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump won by shifting the Republican platform left, promising massive subsidies (government intervention is Keynesian brand socialism), altering trade deals that harm the United States of which there aren’t any (these trade deals are actually free market trade deals that have actually benefited Americans immensely), and committing to the protection of disproportionately high American wages (which are the actual source of the trade imbalances). His political base is effectively an odd conglomeration of corporatists (who like his tax policy and opposition to ObamaCare) and the post World War II expansion trade unions (who like his protectionism and promises to protect their wages). This is a political alliance that will only end in tears.

In addition to this, the racist authoritarians are already swarming to push their political agenda (too early, because Donald Trump won’t take office for another two and a half months). Then the real madness will begin. The conservatives, who were scared enough of Hillary Clinton that they elevated an obviously unqualified authoritarian like Donald Trump, will finally be purged from the Republican Party in the next few months or be forced to fall in line with the political hegemony of nationalistic corporatist authoritarian socialism. Regardless, the conservative movement must seek a new home, and the Republican Party is clearly not that home.

I have been and remain a patriot standing against all political forces hostile to the principles of Liberty upon which our nation was founded. I will hold Donald Trump to account for his many transgressions, though I will also support him when he (accidentally) supports the Conservative cause. Just do not have any illusions, the factions within the Republican Party do not have any connection at all to the Constitution or principles of Natural Law (just visit my Twitter timeline and see what I mean). America has unwittingly elected the jack booted primitive thugs to political ascendancy, and I shudder to think what comes next.

Be brave. Be free.


Liberty is For The Win!

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