A Short Word: Trumpification

It’s embarrassing to watch Trump’s supporters trying to maintain this illusory candidate they desperately want to believe they’ve elected. Despite numerous examples of Trump’s moral, intellectual, ethical, and philosophical failings, they cling to an internal narrative that only he can fix what’s wrong with America, despite greasing the wheels of America’s problems for decades. Unfortunately for them, his record is clear.

The last five Republican candidates have been Bush, Sr. (moderate), Dole (moderate), Bush, Jr. (sunshine conservative), McCain (moderate), and Romney (moderate). Of these five, four lost their bid for the White House or reelection for an 80% failure rate. The only two that won in November were from Texas, the largest “red state” in the country. Only the nominally conservative Bush, Jr. won both of his bids for the White House. Trump is to the left of all of these men.

Every one of the losers won NH, RI, CT, MA, and VT. Except Dole, who lost VT to Buchanan (also a moderate) in 1996. McCain, who lost MA to Romney for obvious reasons in 2008. Despite bearing no relationship at all to their 0% chance of going “red” in November, these New England States ensure the “Establishment” will always get what they want, a centrist Establishment Rockefeller Republican candidate.

In their haste to burn down the “Establishment“, Trump’s wild-eyed supporters played right into the Establishment’s hands, and the GOP has produced yet another centrist Establishment Rockefeller Republican candidate. Well done, Trump supporters. Well done.

Liberty is For The Win!

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