Christmas: The Season is the Reason

Christmas is once again upon us, and with it comes all of the blessings and controversies that surround all things religious in the public square. Amidst the political rancor, it’s difficult to remember that, in the grand scheme, the disagreement and discord has always been around, even before a newborn baby boy was placed in a manger. In many ways, his birth would sharpen that debate for centuries to come.

From his birth, that baby’s life was defined by oppressive government, political strife, poverty, religious discord, and culminated in a brutal death. When we put the world into the perspective of this baby’s life, we come to understand humanity’s place in the universe. Our’s is a brief struggle, with hopes and aspirations that too often come into conflict with others. Our world is proof that, for mankind, there can be no other way of life, at least not yet.

This stark and grinding reality brings us back to the “why” of liberty and the pursuit of political freedom as a moral good, not just as a political theory. Before there were government agencies ostensibly to serve the needs of the poor and underclasses of American society, there was the Word, and among them, was this line of scripture:

“Open your mouth, judge righteously,
defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
– Proverbs 31:9 –

This line of scripture, more so than any other, informs Liberty is For The Win. The minimization of suffering has been and remains the core of the Christian faith and a society of just people. This core of truth is what informed the Founding Fathers, being the culmination of belief and philosophy of more than two thousand years. At the heart of this belief is that the People, being each and every one the created image of the Creator, are entitled to themselves and the fruits of their labor. The State exists secondary to the People. And finally, the People have a moral duty to one another to respect and protect each other’s freedoms and to promote each other’s general welfare.

We, as conservatives, have lost our way in this.

A political ideology arose that sought to usurp the moral justice of the People, invoking the values of moral equality as a political absolute,  thus co-opting the moral duty of free and moral citizens. We know this political ideology as “the left“, and they sanitized faith from the culture and argued moral duty for the needy and the poor was best served by the State, letting even the irreligious to feel pious and morally secure in knowing that the poor and needy were in the good hands of faceless bureaucracies.

That is a lie. Look at the condition of cities like Detroit, Baltimore, East Saint Louis, and so many other parts of the United States where the State has become the caretaker of the poor and underprivileged. In every case, you will see rampant, relentless, and rapacious injustice and poverty that has made a mockery of the American ideals of liberty and moral equality.

This is why, fellow liberty loving conservatives, we must retake the cause of the needy and the poor as a core conservative ideological issue. Not only because the left has succeeded only at exacerbating poverty into the generational monster that it has become, but the issues of poverty and inequality fuel their political ambitions. By retaking these issues under the conservative manner, not only do we fulfill our moral obligation to our fellow humanity, but we starve the leftist political beast.

Remember this holy holiday is why Liberty is For The Win.


Liberty is For The Win!


One comment on “Christmas: The Season is the Reason”
  1. Kerry says:

    I can endorse the cause of the needy and poor, but I do not think it needs necessarily come from Christian, or even religious, values. Scandinavian countries that have largely left the faith also have a sense that this an important function of society.

    I would argue with you on this point…”The minimization of suffering has been and remains the core of the Christian faith and a society of just people.” You are speaking as an American, not one who lived after Constantine recognized Christianity when the Christians who had once been oppressed and violated, took the opportunity to return that sentiment. And this was not just pagans they oppressed, but other competing christian sects. This statement is even less true during the 1200’s during the inquisition. However, I get it as a 21st C American christian.

    Finally, I would take a moment to point out that your entire premise is wrong…in my opinion. Please, kindly tell me the year the King of King’s, the Savior of the World, was born. It is impossible, and for that reason how can we be certain “this baby” helps us to know our place in the universe. I won’t debate those issue because neither of us is likely to change our positions. I was raised as a PK, taught mens Bible studies for many years, and lived and raised my kids in the Christian faith, so I know a little about your arguments. I just find the evidence lacking.

    All the best and I will keep reading.


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