The Labor Force Participation Problem

While the American left would have everyone believe that banks and investors were to blame for the 2006-2008 subprime mortgage crisis and the resulting recession (and they do share some part of the blame), it's not quite that simple.

Busting 4 of Trump’s Economic Myths

[O]ne thing Trump is very good at is claiming responsibility for the things that are going right for the United States economy, but these claims don't actually hold up to any rigorous scrutiny.

A Short Word: Sitting for Freedom

To compel others to violate their conscience simply because it is "nationalist" carries the poisonous stink of Mao's Communist Party loyalty patrols.

A Short Word: America’s Grievance Culture

At the heart of both of these ridiculous victim ideologies is the same bizarre question: Is one man harmed by another man if he is poorer than the other?

A Short Word: Smoke and Mirrors

It's not enough to know how many jobs are being created and how fast the economy is growing, because that's just smoke and mirrors.

Economics Speed Round: May 2016

A recession is still indicated by Q3 of 2016, as the economy looks to be softening under the continued weight of the Obama Administration regulatory regimen.

The Price of Tea in China

True patriots understand that economic liberty requires economic self sufficiency. If we turn to the government to solve our problems, we must violate our principles of Liberty and conservatism to do so.

The Cold Shower

As long as what American workers are paid is not in line with what they produce, then natural market forces are going to continue to force good manufacturing and textile jobs out of the United States, cutting off American workers from the good jobs that are necessary to allow unskilled and uneducated individuals to penetrate the middle class.

Economics Speed Round: April 2016

There are three big reports on the economy to talk about this month, including the latest Federal Reserve meeting which occurred in the mid-March. Let's get straight to the latest release from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Real gross domestic product .. increased at an annual rate of 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter of... Continue Reading →

Trade Policy: No Bulls in the China Shop

If Trump honestly believes he can bully the Chinese government, he has already lost.

Economics Speed Round: January 2016

This is how 2015 really ended: not with a bang, but with a whimper, and an egregious amount of spinning.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

The left has spent half a century fighting the smoke, not the fire, which is why their policies continue to fail to effectively reduce the persistent generational poverty in cities across the United States.

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

As 2015 draws to an end, it's time to take stock as a People and as a Nation. The first essay on Liberty is For the Win was about looking at the affects of fifty years of leftist policies upon the twenty largest cities of the 1960's, at that time centers of commerce, prosperity, and wealth. To close out... Continue Reading →

Christmas: The Season is the Reason

"Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy." - Proverbs 31:9 -

The Economy: Crash Cart Politics

Excuses won't improve the economy but frankly neither will political rhetoric. Like a medical drama, the disease isn't what's killing the patient, it's the treatment.

Embracing The Market Prosperity Model

America is losing ground, losing opportunity, and losing prosperity, and that's simply not what America is about.

The Jobs Problem: Life on the Margins

The sad reality is that poverty is not as complex as the left seems to want to make it out to be, and the solutions to the poverty problem don't actually need to be complex or even expansive.

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