Our Age of Tyranny and Scandal

With twenty thousand men less than I had we ought to have won the battle of Waterloo. But it was Fate that made me lose it.
– Napoleon, in St. Helena

I can only imagine what history books will have to say about Donald Trump, but, if nothing else at all, he and his fanatic followers can rest assured that the history books will have plenty to say about both him and them. If the shear number of indictments of Trump cronies are any indication, then it’s clear that Donald Trump is on track to be one of the most infamous presidents of US history.

Both major investigations, the first by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the other by the Southern District of New York, have resulted in numerous indictments, convictions, and plea deals. The Cohen filing released on December 7th, 2018 directly implicated the president (“Individual 1“) in criminal wrongdoing. The only real question in America now seems to be how, not if, Donald Trump will leave office.

Will Donald Trump capitulate in the face of the accumulating case about him, salvaging what is left of his reputation by peacefully stepping down from power? Not hardly. Though we are doubtlessly witnessing the rise and fall of a wannabe tyrant and his morally bankrupt enablers, we are far from the end of Donald Trump’s degenerate saga. So what will our criminal-in-chief do?

The answer is obvious if we take a moment to understand who Donald Trump is. Here is a man of 3 failed (or failing) marriages, innumerable business failures, billions of dollars in debt, with endless personal and public scandals, yet he so relentlessly and zealously markets himself as a “winner” that he managed to get tens of millions of Americans to vote for him. Trump is Trump’s biggest fan.

No one on Earth more fanatically believes in the personal propaganda of Donald Trump than does Donald Trump. He simply assumes, drawing on his prior experience of being in dire circumstances, that he will come up with some trick or get bailed out at the last possible minute. He’s never been allowed to fail, even when he very much should have, and that’s why Donald Trump is a textbook tyrant.

Tyrants, like Trump, are technically capable of perceiving their situations, but they very simply cannot conceive of their own failure. Thanks to a grandiose sense of self worth, they actually believe that they cannot fail, even if they do. They transfer the failure onto someone else, thus explaining the failure not in terms of them having a shortcoming, but instead in terms of being undermined by others.

Trump checks off every box in this regard. But even still, Donald Trump must, at least on some level, understand the dire legal significance of his own lieutenants and employees sitting in prison, right? Certainly, however, his millions of gullible supporters provide Donald Trump with ample social proof of his delusions of grandeur. So, like all tyrants before and after, he vastly overestimates his position.

Tyrant Trump will cling to power until the bitter end, blaming his deteriorating situation on the incompetence of others, not on his own, shouting commands to dwindling numbers of loyal advisers, and appealing for the popular support of his mindless supporters as the doubt and paranoia worsen every day. When he does finally fall from power, no one will be more shocked than him.

Liberty is For The Win!

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