Who Is The Establishment?

There is a distressingly dwindling divide between economic power and political power in the United States today.

Getting What You Pay For

Only through clear eyed hindsight, do the one to one connections between who we gave voice to and this election become obvious.

Thanksgiving 2016

May God continue to bless the United States of America and all patriots of sacred Liberty everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving, America.

A Short Word: Who Do You Love

The Establishment won, and it cost them a few lies, a little arm twisting, and a long swan song.

A Short Word: Dissent is Liberty

There is a broad swath of Americans that now believe that it is somehow inappropriate for citizens to dare to speak to an elected official out of turn. This is terrifying.

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

Though relatively small in number, Conservatives have the philosophical high ground but have a very narrow window of opportunity.

A Short Word: You Are Here

American voters have put a gun to the head of America's future in an ultimate game of Russian Roulette.

Economics Speed Round: November 2016

As we look toward the end of the year and the 4th Quarter, the change in political leadership could change the economic landscape, depending on how quickly the Congress and White House can enact whatever policy they plan on pushing forward.

Some Good News. Some Bad News.

The good news is that Hillary Clinton lost, and America is spared the sort of shrieking political thuggery of her and her ennobled left wing thugs intent on changing the United States into a utopian workers' paradise. The bad news is that Donald Trump won, and America is set on the path of shrieking political... Continue Reading →

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