The Path Forward

We find ourselves in a contingency that was hoped against but has unfortunately come to pass. The GOP voters have chosen empty rhetoric, slurs, and defamation over a tried and true patriot. Mass hysteria has won the day, we have lost the battle to restore sanity to government for a generation. For now the barbarians who have cast open the gates to throw themselves at the mercy of their conquering warlord celebrate their victory, but eventually the drink and blood lust will leave them. In the morning, the hangover will reveal the smoldering husk of their Pyrrhic victory.

“Pyrrhus replied to one that gave him joy of his victory that
one other such victory would utterly undo him.”

-Plutarch, Roman Historian-

They have taken the field, through betrayal, deceit, and unrepentant political brutality. Not understanding the necessity of civility or social contract, these political cannibals pretended a license from being “the silent majority” and acted precisely in the vicious fashion the Founders feared most of democracies. They feasted on their own like gluttons in their self righteous fever, burning the best of our civilization before the barbarians could even step through the opened gates.

All bonds of friendship broken, all alliances dead, sacrificed in the name of political expediency, they turn now to face a foe without hope of reinforcements and without the company of the virtuous and the worthy they took for granted throughout the bloody campaign season. Already a few of them are realizing they will need us in the battles to come, but they plead their empty cases over the charred remains of bridges that they themselves set ablaze, over rivers filled with the bloated remains of all we held precious and dear.

They are unworthy of our support or even our hatred, as are any who cross the rivers of philosophical blood to join them. They are to be pitied, because in the end, only we will retain our honor. Only honorable patriots are worthy to stand fast and defend the precious ideas at the heart of what it is to be American. The only question for conservative patriots who now remain is where do we go from here? The reality is, what needs to happen has not changed, only what we must do to go about it has.

“I love the poorly educated!
We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people.”
-Donald J. Trump-

In Ted Cruz, we had an opportunity to take control of one of the three branches of government with a true conservative. Contrary to what many may believe, what Cruz primarily offered was not necessarily his brilliant ideas and virtuous character, though those things certainly were why many of us stood with him. His greatest asset to the defense of Liberty was always the power of the Veto. Cruz twice lead fights to shut down the government to defund the worst offenses to the Constitution, twice he was undermined by spineless Establishment politicians. As a Senator, Cruz battled in the Senate the only way a Senator can battle.

As president, Cruz would have had access to the ultimate Constitutional power. The voice of the People who put him there to say “No!”. Unfortunately, we have lost that fight, undermined by the preposterously uninformed masses who Trump expertly manipulated in Orwellian fashion. Up became down. Honest became dishonest. And stupid became smart. Unfortunately flattery remains the most abundant coin of those least deserving of it, so that path is forever lost to us, though there is an alternative to Cruz still in play, but we’ll come back to that in a moment.

As conservatives, our goal has not changed. We must gain control of one of the branches of government. The Supreme Court is out of reach, for the moment, because it lies in the purview of the Executive Branch, which we have lost. Nominations to the Supreme Court have to pass through the Legislative Branch, however, which, for the moment remains in the hands of the Establishment. Here is our opportunity.

The only way to save our Republic, outside of brute force of arms in open rebellion, is the taking of the House and the Senate. Every seat in the House of Representatives is potentially up for grabs. All we need is patriots of good virtue to stand and fight for these seats in every district. We have two years to exact our vengeance on the Establishment that turned us out.

In two years, another third of the Senate comes up for election. 23 Democratic, 8 Republican, and 2 Independent Senate seats will be up for taking. We must find men and women in each of these States as virtuous and as worthy as Ted Cruz. And in November of this year and two years from now, and two years from there, we make the GOP, the DNC, and their Establishment tools pay, every year. The Senate, however, is the key to the Supreme Court. No matter who occupies the office of the executive, they must get their nominations through the Senate, and we can make that impossible.

“December 22, 1944
To the German Commander,
N U T S !
The American Commander”
-General Anthony C. McAuliffe, in response to a German Surrender Ultimatum-

Though it may sound easier said than done now, we have the tools already to make this happen. We have social media, we have #NeverTrump and #CruzCrew. Though the one battle is over, our army remains intact! Our principles haven’t changed. Liberty is no less imperiled and no less worthy of defending. We do not lose hope, because our hope is based on Natural Law. If we accept as truth the words of Jefferson, that we are, in fact, endowed by a Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, then the hand of providence is not only necessary, it is promised.

We do not lose faith. We fight where we are able. We turn the battle to our State Legislatures and our Congressional delegations. The one thing we do not do is surrender. We never surrender. If they want our Lives, our Liberties, or our Properties, then they can “Molon Labe!” We don’t need the GOP or their hordes of mindless cannibals. We have one another, and we have providence.

We will get through this together. You have my word!

Be Brave! Be Free!

Liberty or Death!


Liberty is For The Win!

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