Why America Needs Ted Cruz

It’s late on a Friday night, and a band of friends have been tearing it up at bar after bar. It’s been a night to remember, and they will be talking about it for weeks to come, at least the parts they remember. It’s time to head home to their wives, and the drunks start to argue which of them should drive the group home. The two rowdiest drunks insist they are fine driving the others home, because they have been doing it for years. The third grabs the keys from the other two, insisting that since he bought the drinks, he gets to drive.

This starts a new round of arguing, when the bouncer walks out of the bar and sees these poor drunks scuffling in the middle of the parking lot. He snags the keys from the drunken louts and, with a steely eye, firmly tells them that they can either ride with him, or they can call a cab, but none of them is leaving that parking lot behind the wheel of a car. That’s Ted Cruz. Sure, he might be a giant buzz kill for politicians drunk on the fun house of mirrors that is Washington, DC politics, but he’s on the right side of fundamentals.

Most importantly, Ted Cruz is the only candidate on the right side of the fundamentals. Whatever else might be said about Ted Cruz, there is absolutely no denying that he is a true conservative.

Ted Cruz is right on the Constitution. Only Rand Paul brought up the Constitution as much as Ted Cruz. If we want our Republic back, then we need to retake our Constitution. Say what you like, he is as close to dead on regarding the constitutional principles as any political candidate in 25 years. He not only believes in the Constitution, he lives by it. If Ted will not reestablish the limitations on the office of President, outside of Rand Paul, I can think of no other man or woman in political office that would.

Ted Cruz has been there and done that. Before becoming a Senator in 2012, Ted Cruz worked for the Great State of Texas under Governor Rick Perry, a staunch conservative from one of the reddest of red states. There he fought to defend the religious freedoms of Americans, especially in the public venue. He also fought to defend the Second Amendment. He has done more for true conservative Americans before he even became a Senator than most of the GOP Senators have achieved in their long careers.

Ted Cruz does not back down. Once Ted Cruz has staked out a position on the issues that is consistent with his ideological values, he draws a line in the sand and he stands on it. He’s called out Democrats funded by crony corporatists and far left lobbyists from all sides. He’s called out his own party leadership for caving on the budget, the debt ceiling, ObamaCare and other compromises of the constitutionally protected Natural Rights of Americans. He’s paid a price for his principles. He may have been only one voice out of hundred in the Senate, but he cannot be said to have been a complacent voice.

Ted Cruz stood on the Senate floor for 21 hours straight, fighting against ObamaCare. If that is not clear enough indication of his opposition to that abominable transgression against the Constitution, then, short of violence, there isn’t a way to express dissent. At over 21 hours, Ted Cruz’s filibuster is the 5th longest filibuster in the country’s history. What more can we ask of a Senator? Nothing.

Ted Cruz understands the threat from Islamic Terrorism and Illegal Immigration. While he took flack for his statement about trying to make sand glow, it’s time for the American People to understand that our enemies abroad do not process information the same way that we do. They do not fundamentally value life. They do not have any remorse or civility. When even a Muslim woman can decapitate a 4 year old child, and parade around in the street crying out “Allahu Akbar” while holding the child’s head in the air, we are not dealing with rational actors. It is time to make sand glow. As far as border security, Ted Cruz alone has been a vocal proponent of serious immigration reform since 2011. No matter what diversions and misrepresentations of his position the other candidates may try to put forward, we can simply go back to interviews he gave to Texas media when he was running for office. His position has been the same then as it is now: close the border and deport all illegal aliens.

Ted Cruz has the best solution to our economy and our tyrannical tax enforcement system of all of the candidates. A flat tax is not the position of Liberty is For the Win (my position is abolishment of all personal income taxes), but it’s close enough. He has a plan for entitlement reform. He has a proven record as a fighter against regulation, against high taxes, and will dismantle, brick by brick every regressive policy put into place by Obama for the last 7 years. This will undoubtedly create another 30 year period of long-term growth and prosperity much like that we saw after Reagan.

It’s this simple.


If you truly believe that Liberty is For The Win, then there is literally no other candidate to vote for.

Ted Cruz for president of the United States of America.

[Update: Ted Cruz obviously did not win, and he no longer represents what I believe. Since the 2016 election, I’ve done some serious thinking about the immigration problem, and I no longer believe a hardline solution is the right solution for America. Instead, I believe as Ronald Reagan did, taking seriously what he had to say about who we are as a country. Should we deport criminals? Yes. But should we criminalize being desperate and hungry? No. It’s not who we are.]


Liberty is For The Win!


One comment on “Why America Needs Ted Cruz”
  1. wpmember7 says:

    Amen! Ted Cruz is a true Patriot! My vote goes to him.

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