Killing Socrates: America’s Demise

There are always many more who seek the laurels of power than possess the virtue to deserve it.

Trade Policy: No Bulls in the China Shop

If Trump honestly believes he can bully the Chinese government, he has already lost.

Liberty’s Oldest Foe: The Establishment

In the Culture War, the difference between friend and foe can be a matter of whether the door to the public is open or closed.

No Tolerance: GrabGate

While every action of almost every candidate and their staffers is analyzed, scrutinized, and parsed in the main stream media meat market, only one candidate and his staff are consistently given a pass for their egregious statements and actions.

Economics Speed Round: March 2016

Producers are betting against near term demand so keeping inventories low to avoid depreciation and choosing to stay liquid.

Playing the Wrong Game

We are playing the same blood sport that has been raging for centuries: the PEOPLE versus the STATE.

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