Shattering the Overton Window

As both the Democratic and the Republican Party are enslaved by their political apparatus, only a third party, free of major party establishment influences, has any hope of smashing through the Overton Window for liberty.

Building a Nation

Should we stop to think about the underlying assumptions that we've made our entire lives or allow those in media, in movies, in music, in politics, and behind golden microphones to tell us what we should and shouldn't believe and, more importantly, why we believe anything at all?

Stay Off of Reagan’s Grave

Here, however delayed, is a four point argument on the differences between Ronald Reagan, a titan of American conservatism, and Donald Trump, a populist, celebrity loudmouth.

The Islamic Question: Peace or War?

Good people must always stand with those who attempt to do good, just as they stand against those who attempt to do evil.

Chipping The Paint

Despite the best efforts of the Founding Fathers, after a century of ceaseless assault on the edifices of natural rights left to us, our once immaculate natural rights have been so thoroughly abused that they are scarcely recognizable.

Tug of War

The fight for conservatism has devolved into a fight for the very soul of the conservative movement.

Bait and Switch

For those who claimed that they would support the president-elect while holding him accountable for his actions and statements, there is no time like the present, or, in this case, the past.

Cry Wolf and He Will Come

In a nation founded by daring to question centuries old political and cultural assumptions at the heart of society, how have we become a nation so ready to cry wolf at the barest scent of nonconformity?

The Winter of Truth

As it turns out, the duty once again falls upon American conservatives, as it always has, to carry the torch for truth.

Who Is The Establishment?

There is a distressingly dwindling divide between economic power and political power in the United States today.

Getting What You Pay For

Only through clear eyed hindsight, do the one to one connections between who we gave voice to and this election become obvious.

A Short Word: Who Do You Love

The Establishment won, and it cost them a few lies, a little arm twisting, and a long swan song.

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

Though relatively small in number, Conservatives have the philosophical high ground but have a very narrow window of opportunity.

A Short Word: You Are Here

American voters have put a gun to the head of America's future in an ultimate game of Russian Roulette.

Economics Speed Round: November 2016

As we look toward the end of the year and the 4th Quarter, the change in political leadership could change the economic landscape, depending on how quickly the Congress and White House can enact whatever policy they plan on pushing forward.

Poll Watching: Election Day 11/08/2016

Source is, taking the last 7 polls, and dropping the highest and lowest as outliers. An average is taken of the remaining five polls.

A Short Word: The Reckoning

For better or (more likely) for worse, this all comes to an end tomorrow, but tomorrow is likely only the beginning of what is to come.

Source is, taking the last 7 polls, and dropping the highest and lowest as outliers. An average is taken of the remaining five polls.

The Measure of a Man

Our society depends on objective measures, whether physical or moral, and there exists one set of standards against which we can justly judge the words and deeds of men and women.

Losing Washington

Only when we find ourselves again, when Liberty is written on the hearts of every man and woman, when we remember who we once were, only then will we deserve "the greatest man in the world".

Against All Odds: American Idealism

If the ideals of Justice and Liberty for all are certain and true, then we are morally obligated to fight tirelessly toward what ought to be and never simply accept what is.

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