Promises Promises Promises

Our nation’s society groans under the terrible weight of civil strife fueled by widespread joblessness (labor force participation rate at 62.9%), out of control federal deficit adding hundreds of billions to the debt every year ($577 Billion in 2017), crushing poverty in once booming manufacturing centers, desperately unbalanced trade with the rest of the world (over $42 Billion in June), spiraling health care costs crushing the financial futures of Americans, and suddenly resurgent brand of militant nationalist racism.

Every 4 years, presidential candidates stand in front of the American people and promise to fix the intractable challenges facing our nation. Every 4 years, their tenures in office end, but the problems remain and their promises, even those made in earnest, are revealed to be empty time and time again. Simply look at the numerous unfulfilled campaign promises of the Bush and Obama presidencies.

George W Bush promised real progress on the national debt, on the rising cost of health care, and on the poverty problem in America. While he succeeded in pushing through proposed tax cuts, a Medicare expansion, and education reforms, many of his promised initiatives never made it to, let alone through, Congress, and much of his campaign agenda was put aside after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. He never managed to cut the federal deficit and his waning 2nd term popularity made it impossible for him to shape a legislative agenda.

When the subprime mortgage crisis sapped what popular support remained for the Bush Administration, Obama rode into the White House on promises of “Hope and Change“. He committed to the unfulfilled promises of the Republican Party on the national debt, reducing health care costs, and addressing poverty in the US. He also promised to solve the environmental log jam, to restore American manufacturing, and all this while cutting the federal deficit. Unlike Bush, much of his agenda was passed, it simply didn’t work.

Cash for Clunkers gutted the secondary market for used cars, which hurt the working poor. His “shovel ready jobs” were months and years too late to soften the 2007-2008 recession. Billions spent on green energy companies were lost when they collapsed spectacularly within 1 or 2 years. His signature ObamaCare meant to reduce health care costs managed only to vastly increase the cost of health insurance. US manufacturing escaping the high costs of doing business in the US did not returned. And not a single federal deficit under Obama was less than a single pre-recession deficit under Bush.

“Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”
-Donald Trump-

The failure of prior presidents to deliver on their promises didn’t stop Donald Trump from making exactly the same kinds of political promises that we’ve heard made for over 16 years. One upping his predecessor, Trump claims not only to be especially qualified to address these problems but uniquely qualified to do so, pushing a political mythology that the presidency is able or even designed to address these issues in the economy.

It isn’t. And the only thing Donald Trump seems uniquely qualified to do is needlessly stir controversy and alienate practically everyone necessary to pursuing his agenda. The plight of the poor and disadvantaged remains unresolved. The needs of the sick and the unemployed remain unfulfilled. And the rapidly deteriorating state of civil discourse in America continues unabated. What America needs isn’t yet more unfulfilled promises.

We need a cultural shift, away from empty rhetoric, recrimination, and blame and toward based principles, political reconciliation, and market tested solutions. And the real work of achieving this needed cultural shift begins here, with this article that you’re reading right now. You’re getting something you cannot get from the “PopCon” pundit class and their nationalist or partisan propaganda. You’re getting the truth. Both parties have failed to make any headway on solving the very serious problems that plague America socially and economically.

Americans are simply not being told what they need to know to make informed decisions about their political decisions or their cultural decisions. Each side is more interested in furthering their political power than actually pushing an agenda, and, right now, the socialists run policy. Marxists pushing “democratic socialism” in both the Democratic and Republican parties control Washington, while Nativists pushing “nationalist socialism” has become the opposition position, usurping conservatism.

Together, you and I, have an opportunity to reestablish moral conservatism apart from the protectionist corporatism of the current political regime. We have an opportunity to establish a political identity that is truly to the right of the socialist dogmas of the major political parties and rejects government intervention and their false morality. A political ideology that realizes that only the American people, once free of governmental theft, arbitrary wage policy, and irresponsible fiscal and regulatory policy, can solve their own problems.


Liberty is For The Win!



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