Beautiful America: Our Moral Revolution

A cherry tree blossoms in an effusive greeting of Spring, as at last the days grow slowly longer again. Birds, deer, and even the humble possums that wander around these parts have shaken off the timid quiet imposed by winter, returning to their business of survival. Winter clothes are packed away for another year, as lighter clothes fill closets and drawers. Men and women go to work, earn their pay, and come home to their families. The rhythmic dance of life proceeds apace. This is as it should be.

In a city far away from this particular cherry tree, another very different rhythm can be heard. A gavel falls, men and women in suits hammer across concrete and asphalt, and the drum of government, ceaseless and immovable, rumbles across the land. Here there is no concern for what was once free or what was once right, but they deem permitted and what they deem legal. Government’s job, as they see it, is to govern, and govern they do. As far as the men and women of this city are concerned, this, too, is as it should be. This, however, was not always the way of things here.

There was once a time in our country that people who held a very different understanding of the nature of government filled the halls of this old city. They knew that if the government had authority over their lives, then they did not. They understood that natural Liberty, like nature itself, can grow only where it may. This was a lesson that they learned from life in Europe, for untold generations, where natural Liberty could only grow in the cracks of tyrannical monarchies, there withering in the shadow of the hubris of noble bloodlines.

After a bloody war of independence, the Founding Fathers sought to let natural Liberty loose into spacious skies, across fruited plains, and from sea to shining sea.

There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.
– Ronald Reagan

For the last thirty years, really since the last time an American president openly and clearly espoused the ideals of Liberty, we have witnessed a wildly swinging pendulum of electoral opinion from one side to another and back again, as the vast majority of Americans across the land have long since abandoned the idealism of the past. Broadly speaking, there three political factions in the United States today, but only two of these political factions possess any political power today. These two factions are spurred relentlessly on by a single, all consuming drive: greed.

One group of voters wants their government to create jobs, usually by taking from the “haves” and giving to the “have nots” (by in large, this is coincidentally themselves). Demanding government do everything from ending poverty to provide health care for everyone (though they actually mean health care coverage, but they’ve never cared about details), this group of typically younger voters energetically push for bigger government, believing, in their youthful ignorance, that they’ve nothing to lose. Their political class elites happily promise to fulfill their demands, if only these voters keep them perpetually in power.

The other group of voters wants their government to create jobs, by getting rid of regulations while simultaneously telling private companies how and where to base their operations, using the same taxation, subsidization, or brute force of law used by the previous administration. They busy themselves with flags waving, slogan shouting, and in all other ways confuse their blind nationalism with an actual informed ideology, while remaining blissfully unaware that blue collar manufacturing jobs were growing under the previous administration, despite the “evil globalist” policies. Their political class elites also happily promise all of the above, if only these voters keep them perpetually in power.

The devouring machine of government swerves aimlessly from left to right every few years, despoiling our country and its people, as the frothing partisans of each side take turns wielding the blunt instrument of government against their opponents in an endless cycle of score settling. Meanwhile, nothing changes.

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
– Katharine Lee Bates, America the Beautiful

Standing apart from the empty grandstanding by the other political factions, there is a third faction, slowly growing in numbers and, with those numbers, voice. We, too, wish to gain control of the great devouring machine gorged on the grizzled blood of patriots and partisans alike. Our plan is simple: steer the evil machine right through the heart of Washington, D.C., stopping only when the Liberty killing machine crashes into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean where it belongs.

It is precisely because we wish to destroy their vile machine that the other political factions will stop at nothing to halt our new conservative movement. Without the government machine, the collectivist Left will no longer be able to enslave us all in chains of state imposed equality and bureaucratic red tape. Denied the government machine, the nationalist Left will no longer be able to enslave us all in chains of state imposed conformity and corporate duplicity. Without the government machine, Liberty will reign again.

Ours is a moral revolution, grounded in the conviction that We the People, not the government nor any other political institution, should adjudicate what is or is not moral amongst ourselves, and not to allow government to impose the moral and philosophical values of a few upon the many. That, fellow patriots, is all that matters.


Liberty is For The Win!

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