The Media Doesn’t Understand Trumpism

As much fun as it was to watch the media dance on Donald Trump’s leaked tax returns showing that he lost over a billion dollars 20 years ago, this was old news for us in #NeverTrump. We’ve known for years that the only reason Donald Trump isn’t a broke, balding nobody with a hysterically bad combover is because the banks bailed him out.

We’ve been over his failed businesses, his sea of debt, and his many fraudulent business dealings. The Trumplings didn’t care in 2016, and they don’t care now. That the media spent so much time on what was essentially decades old “breaking news” unfortunately demonstrates just how poorly they understand what motivates Trump voters.

Trump’s base isn’t monolithic, philosophically, economically, psychologically, or even politically, though they all turn a blind eye to Trump’s incompetence, his degeneracy, and his ignorance. They just all turn a blind eye to Trump’s conspicuous flaws and moral failings for their own reasons and for their own political and financial agendas.

For a small but extremely politically powerful segment of Trump’s base, because Trump was able to lie, cheat, and steal his way through the 1990’s and still stay on top is actually why they support him. These “ends justify the means” supporters are all-in on Trump’s “America First” economic policy and have absolutely no qualms about how that happens.

The second segment of Trump’s base has simply bought into Trump’s “Art of the Deal” persona. They support Trump because they envy his wealth and perceived importance. Their support for him is their way of living vicariously through him. Since they psychologically identify with him, they focus only on Trump’s positive traits.

Finally, there’s the last and largest segment of Trump voters. They don’t care about Trump’s failings, because they psychologically cannot handle the thought of the White House falling into Democratic control again. They support Trump mostly because he isn’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They support Trump just so they can sleep at night.

The rank and file Republican fodder are blinded by deeply entrenched fear of the Democratic Party’s platform, because it never stops lurching leftward. In their eyes, the left doesn’t care about the moral failings of Hillary Clinton or the gross incompetence of Barack Obama, and, let’s be clear, they are unfortunately not completely wrong.

Even today, there are plenty of Democrats who defend the mishandling of the Benghazi security situation and completely ignore the cover up that followed. While Obama’s and Clinton’s actions didn’t rise to the point of criminality, just like Trump’s tacit acceptance of Russian support during the 2016 election, it was certainly unethical and dishonest.

As far as Trump’s base is concerned, turning a blind eye to Trump’s financial bankruptcies and his political malfeasance is just the price of admission of keeping the White House clear of the moral bankruptcy and political malfeasance of the left. They are, of course, wrong, but it is what they have talked themselves into believing.

At the end of the day, even if Trump’s supporters would acknowledge that Trump is an incompetent fool and a duplicitous liar, they would still support him, because he, at least, is their incompetent fool and duplicitous liar, and they will defend him until the bitter end, without regret, without second thought, and, often, without even a first thought.

This is why the Mueller Report is so very important. The best hope for America’s future does not lie with the Democratic Party, because they are every bit as duplicitous and irrationally stupid as the Republican Party. No, the best hope for America’s future lies in the hands of the very few men and women of integrity who remain in the public eye.

Robert Mueller III better be a man of real honor and wisdom, because the fate of America’s future rests in his hands. America desperately needs a nonpartisan judge who can guide the hand of justice without the pendulum swinging so far to the left that the Republic topples one way or the other. Neither the right nor the left should “win“.

Justice should win. Unfortunately, justice means everyone is going to be a little unhappy.

Liberty is For The Win!

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