The Mueller Report Ends, So Now What?

So the Mueller Report hit the Attorney General’s desk late Friday, and it’s impossible to not talk about it, so let’s do just that. While a lot of people are going to play it safe until the details of the report are known, make no mistake, the Democrats in Congress are going to fight tooth and nail to squeeze the report for everything it’s worth politically.

What’s in the report? The American public won’t know for a while. We know the report has resulted in a host of criminal allegations, convictions, and guilty pleas. We know Trump’s personal attorney rolled on him. We know Roger Stone, Trump’s personal friend and confidant, is awaiting trial and will likely have as much luck as Manafort.

We know many other criminal charges have been moved to an aggressive prosecutorial group out of New York, thanks to the findings of the Mueller probe, specifically as a way to get these continuing investigations out of range of a presidential veto. We know those investigations are far from being over and have already paid dividends.

So, was the Mueller Report the just first shot in a salvo at the Trump presidency? Yes, I have to believe that justice will be done, and the Mueller Report will expose that which needs to be exposed. The criminality of this president, especially on the issue of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to defraud the American people is clear.

Remember, this is a president who admitted he fired an FBI director because of the Russia investigation, and has spent practically every single day since trying to diminish, demean, and discredit this investigation, in order to protect himself. He has spouted off shifting stories and given inconsistent public testimony since its beginning.

Yes, the Mueller investigation is over, but the fallout is just getting started, and conclusions to this political drama is yet a long way off.

Liberty is For The Win!

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