Trump’s Executive Chaos

Donald, you know, is great at the one-liners, but he’s a chaos candidate, and he’d be a chaos president.
-Jeb Bush, 2015-

When Donald Trump was running for president, the thing that he and his supporters kept accentuating on his vita was his business acumen. Trump, said his supporters, is a businessman, so he’d run the country like a businessman, rather than as a politician.

The thing Trump promised most of all, and the thing his supporters assured reluctant voters on the right would make him worth voting for, was his ability to make “great deals“. Republicans wanted Trump to run the country as if it were a private company.

Unfortunately, there’s one major flaw with this plan: Trump has very little experience actually successfully running companies outside of his very limited expertise. Based on his track record, that’s limited to building things and creating chaos on television.

Neither of these skills helped him secure a “great deal” in 2018, when he initiated a pointless shutdown lasting weeks, when he caved to the House Democrats in January, or, finally, when he had to take an even worse deal than he turned down in December.

So, after once again failing to negotiate a “great deal“, Donald Trump is going to continue to demonstrate exactly how he ran so many companies into the ground. He’s ignoring that he blew the negotiation process and resort to his only other real skill: creating chaos.

Democrats and several States have already vowed a predictable series of court fights that will end up in the Supreme Court and that Trump should lose unanimously. An executive order simply does not supersede the constitutional power of the purse of Congress.

Here is where who Trump is as a businessman really comes to light. Donald Trump, unlike an actually competent business executive, is totally unable to adjust his strategy in the face of adversity. He has no Plan B and lacks the imagination to develop one.

This brute force approach to business is why he couldn’t close the Moscow tower deal, couldn’t get the Democrats to fund his wall, and couldn’t get Mexico to pay for the wall in the first place. Trump’s business ethos has always been to over sell and under deliver.

The tragedy here is his border wall doesn’t even address the underlying problems causing the immigration problem in America. People are coming here because they can’t find work in their home countries. Solve that problem, and immigration resolves itself.

The root cause of immigration problem is political and economic instability in Central and South America countries. Trump has made a lot of noise about projecting American influence abroad and opposing socialism but, true to form, has missed this opportunity.

Trump is blinded by the fact that he’s conspicuously losing to people who are happy to make him look like a fool in front of billions of people around the world. He’s so stunted emotionally that he is literally incapable of graciously taking a loss and moving on.

Developing soft power solutions to political and economic unrest in countries like Guatemala, which could open doors to countries like Venezuela, aren’t on his radar. Even further off is fostering strong trade alliances that could help stabilize these countries.

Instead, we’re stuck with a constitutional slap fight between Trump and Democrats that serves no one. This is reason alone to replace Trump as expediently and soon as possible.

Liberty is For The Win!


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