Abortion: Monstrosity in America

They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was desecrated by their blood.
-Psalm 106:38

Were a man to walk into a delivery room, pick up an infant girl, then butcher her like so much meat, it’d be “murder“, even if the mother didn’t want the child, but take that same man and have him butcher the child in the mother’s womb, then it’s “healthcare“.

If you can know the heart of a person by how they treat the defenseless innocent, what then is implied of a society that grants monsters leave to murder unborn human children right up to the moment their birth? This is the sign of a dying culture.

When we tolerate monstrosity, we no longer have grounds to pretend to be a culture that cares about human right and wrong. What even is human life? If the line between human life and death is a heartbeat, the unborn child had a pulse by week 5.

Human features? The unborn child had eyes, ears, fingers, and toes since 8 weeks. The nervous system (and the ability to feel pain) forms at this point as well. By 12 weeks old, she was recognizably a recognizably human, tiny, smaller than a tennis ball.

If it’s human DNA, the child had unique DNA since the moment of her conception. As long as she has existed, she’s been a unique human being. Like yet unlike her mother. Like yet unlike her father. Never will there be another exactly like her.

Despite this, abortionists argue that the “clump of cells” barely qualifies as life at all, which is an extraordinary claim, considering the diversity of life. At only 5 weeks, the “clump of cells” of a kangaroo climbs out of its mother’s womb and into her pouch.

There, the still fetal kangaroo will stay for 8 months, until it climbs out of its mother’s pouch as a joey. What does this imply about the human “clump of cells“? It implies the human child’s need of the mother’s womb is proof of her humanity, not vice versa.

Our gestation period proves that we’re not merely random tissue, trespassing by accident in another person’s body. It makes us human, because, scientifically speaking, if we did not have that gestation period, we would not be human. We’d be something else.

Our humanity is intrinsic to us from the moment of conception, but, for the sake of argument, let’s say this is not a definitively truth. Is it potentially true? If so, should we not err on the side of preserving, rather than diminishing, the child’s humanity?

After all, if we can so easily diminish humanity to mere meat simply on the basis of political power, if law permits, what’s wrong with slavery? Did Hitler’s Third Reich not have the same political authority to murder millions stripped of their humanity?

Ultimately, all who love human rights have no choice but be pro-Life, because we have a duty to defend the right to life for all human beings, even the unborn. When we allow the unborn to be sacrificed on the altar of self, what does that say about us?

Liberty is For The Win!

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