Brett Kavanaugh Lied to America

For the moment, let’s just put aside the whole issue of the Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct with Doctor Christine Blasey Ford and focus instead on the rest of Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony, under oath, before the Senate Judicial Committee. In the process of denying the accusations made against him, Kavanaugh said things that were obviously untrue, which is of significantly more gravity than whatever his moral failings were in high school.

If it is true that Kavanaugh perjured himself under oath to the Senate, then he is absolutely disqualified from being a judge anywhere. Of not is his downplaying of obviously troubling behavior, resorting as he did to the typical “aw shucks, my drinking wasn’t that bad” defense common to many an alcoholic. Unlike the sexual assault charge, there is a long list of witnesses, including high school friends, college friends, including his roommate, and even friends after college, who have said that Brett drank heavily, regularly, and excessively.

Brett Kavanaugh also lied under oath about being of legal drinking age in high school. While the federal drinking age wouldn’t be increased to 21 until 1984, the state drinking age in Maryland was raised to 21 in July 1982, and Brett didn’t turn 18 until January 1983. These lies regarding his drinking makes it abundantly clear that, even if it’s not who he is now, Brett has never taken responsibility for who he was then and doesn’t respect the Constitution enough to tell the truth when he’s under oath to do so.

And why should he? It’s not like the Republicans are going to make him. Remember, this is the same Republican Party that spent 8 years (3922 days) trying to take down Bill Clinton for a consensual sexual tryst with an intern, but only spared 5 days for the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault of Doctor Christine Blasey Ford. This isn’t about justice for the Republicans. This is about the appearance of justice. The Kavanaugh appointment has been a sham from the beginning.

If Brett Kavanaugh is really the best the Republicans have to offer, then there is absolutely no point in keeping the Republican Party around, and if the Republicans confirm Brett Kavanaugh despite the facts of his perjury and the very high likelihood that he is guilty of all of these accusations, then they don’t deserve to be kept around at all.


Liberty is For The Win!

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