The Two Faces of Socialism

As the final curtains fell on the Age of Imperialism in Europe, western societies began to experiment with new political and economic systems in the face of populaces seeking more political and economic autonomy, and, for the first time in human history, technology made it possible to document these new ideas as they rose, flourished, and, at least for a great majority of them, collapsed into blood and mayhem. The worst of the absolute worst of these new systems, from the standpoint of cost of lives and wealth, were the two faces of socialism.

The first of our faces of socialism, Marxism, wasn’t actually even its first incarnation. That dubious distinction belongs to the French Revolution, a period of time so synonymous with murder and bloodshed, it’s still known as “The Reign of Terror“. Tens of thousands of men, women, and children were butchered for simply failing to use the proper politically correct genuflections or greetings of the monstrous regime. The utopian revolutionary socialist republic managed to stagger through five years before finally collapsing in on itself, regressing back into Imperialism under Napoleon.

Despite the best attempts of one of the fathers of French revolutionary socialism, Charles Fourier, who witnessed the horrors of “the Terror” first hand, to advocate for nonviolent socialist evolution rather than revolution, European socialists managed to learn absolutely nothing. In 1848, just years after Fourier’s death, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels firmly reestablished the doctrine of bloody revolution in the Communist Manifesto, leading, of course, to the orgy of murder that was the 20th Century, as the working class of Russia, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam rose up and devoured their intellectuals as well as their aristocrats.

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles… now hidden, now open fight, that each time ended, either in the revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.
– Karl Marx

The other face of socialism, Nationalist Socialism, was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, the face we still associate with the worst depravity of the 20th Century. By using the banner of socialism, Hitler preyed on the gullible working class of Germany and injected an already bloody socioeconomic ideology with a double dose of ethnic bigotry and ethnic nationalism, which led to reprehensible evils which do not need to be expounded upon here. Suffice to say that socialism, an ideology already fueled by violence and intolerance, was not improved by Hitler’s brand of bigotry and nationalism.

Despite the categorically bad history socialism has had in the last two centuries, every generation sees a new batch of people dumb enough to believe it can be made to work. They then proceed to do everything in their power to shove their countrymen unwillingly into the socialist meat grinder, believing that, this time, it will be different. The true believers of the previous generations prey on the working class and the young, because they are predominantly uneducated, desperately unsophisticated, and, most crucially of all, hysterically naive.

They believe so fanatically in the mythology of Marx’s socialism or the latest strain of virulent nationalism, they are willing to kill for their cause, which is why these systems are always doomed to fail. The simple fact is socialists don’t actually understand that societies, by definition, cannot survive the trauma of hundreds of thousands of friends and family members being murdered by their friends and family members. That’s the functional definition of societal disintegration, whether the murders occur because of ideological disagreements or simple nationalist bigotry.

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.
– Albert Camus

When all you have left in your purged society are badly traumatized survivors and the callous monsters who brutalized them, you no longer have a society. You have a country so psychologically haunted that it can’t really be considered a country. All socialists, whether they be Marxian or Nationalist, are monsters, driven by an unholy hunger to torment their fellow human beings in the name of their ignorant political beliefs. For those caught up in their propaganda, the only hope is to try to wake them to these basic facts, but for the true believers of class warfare or ethnic or national supremacy?

There is absolutely nothing redeemable. Beware, for they are monsters in human guise. They cannot be changed. They cannot be saved. They can only be isolated, shunned, and, where necessary, society must be protected at any cost. Rabid animals, no matter how human in appearance, must be put down for the common good. In a nation of free men and women, every patriot has a sacred duty to never suffer a tyrant to live.


Liberty is For The Win!

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