Vampire Slaying: America’s Tax Addiction

As it turns out, the Framers were right. Not being able to afford tyranny is a phenomenal way to ward off the monstrosity.

Rediscovering Capitalism

As long as there are those that believe the state has any claim to any portion of the wages, salaries, or properties of any individual, then we are not a capitalist society.

Natural Demand: The Frozen Cage

It is "Natural Demand" that ultimately fuels innovation and incentivizes exactly the type of risk taking that ignited the rapid growth from the late 1790's through the 1890's and early 1900's.

A Short Word: Sitting for Freedom

To compel others to violate their conscience simply because it is "nationalist" carries the poisonous stink of Mao's Communist Party loyalty patrols.

The Price of Tea in China

True patriots understand that economic liberty requires economic self sufficiency. If we turn to the government to solve our problems, we must violate our principles of Liberty and conservatism to do so.

April 15th: A Day of Infamy

From the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 until the middle of the Civil War in 1861, the federal government did not take a penny from the People.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

The left has spent half a century fighting the smoke, not the fire, which is why their policies continue to fail to effectively reduce the persistent generational poverty in cities across the United States.

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Happy New Year.

The Economy: Crash Cart Politics

Excuses won't improve the economy but frankly neither will political rhetoric. Like a medical drama, the disease isn't what's killing the patient, it's the treatment.

Embracing The Market Prosperity Model

America is losing ground, losing opportunity, and losing prosperity, and that's simply not what America is about.

The Jobs Problem: Life on the Margins

The sad reality is that poverty is not as complex as the left seems to want to make it out to be, and the solutions to the poverty problem don't actually need to be complex or even expansive.

The Liberty Tax: Defanging the Serpent

Any tax upon the People's livelihoods is tyranny...

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